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St. Louis Music - Covers - Live Horns - Dance - Pop - Rock - Funk - R & B - Disco - Mashups - Fun

St. Louis Music - Covers - Live Horns - Dance - Pop - Rock - Funk - R & B- Disco - Mashups - Fun

about Us

Bullseye Womprats is an upbeat dance cover band based in St. Louis, MO. Providing a lively variety of old and new party favorites, the band infuses them with fresh energy and hypes them up with live horns.     

Over the course of any show, one will hear a variety of dance music, current Radio Tunes, way-back disco favorites, fun 80’s retro, live mashups, guilty pleasures, and more…all with the special Womprats twist.   Whether it is a wedding, event, party, or venue, Bullseye Womprats has a reputation for making new crowds into fast friends.  The dance floor is open!

People who have attended our shows say...*

"The Womprats are out there!"  --Paul Bonn, Paul Bonn & The Bluesmen

"Bullseye Womprats is an electrifying sonic experience. From the engaging and talented instrumentalists, to the spectacular one-woman force of nature that is front-woman Kristina Sunshine, you are left feeling more alive than ever. More than just a band that plays songs you know, they have a stylistic point of view that makes any favorite more exciting and new." - Kevenn T. Smith

“Kristina is a F**king Cyclone of a Front lady!” —Jay Dover

“Absolutely LOVE the Womprats🎶 they are the most Fun, High Energy, Great Song Selections, Dance Dance Dance Band around!!!🎶 “ —Paula Hoover

"ENERGY!!!! Every member of the Womprats explodes with punch and spirit, and maintains that explosive enthusiasm the entire concert. I'm convinced This band has found a fountain of youth and they exude it's waters with vigor the entire concert."  --Kevin Bowman

"There is so much energy and a fantastic, upbeat vibe coming from the members that it's impossible not to dance and sing along with every song--because you know them all!" --Angie Nolan

"This band is amazing!  A night out with them is so much fun! You can dance to every song and get your groove on! Kristina and the boys really know how to entertain. Best local band around! " --Steffanie B.

"You Guys are AWESOME! VERY ENERGETIC, and the sound of the band really compliments each other.  no one instrument overpowers the other or the singer.   Talk about talents, and just down to earth. Keep up the good work and Keep on Rocking." --Mk Vongnarath

"Words for this killer band! Amazing, high energy, dance city, getting it going with great variety! Go see them!" --Dan Mac

“I believe a memorable live performance needs 3 things energy, horns, and passion. The ‘Swap Rats’ check all the boxes! I'm a ‘Swamp Rat’ for life!!!" -Sebastian Westfall, Vendor Director for PrideStl

Allow us to let you in on our “swap rat, Swamp rat, Wombat” inside joke…


swamp rat, wombat, womprat...where did you get that name?

In "Star Wars" (1977), the following exchage is made:

Wedge Antilles: "That's impossible! Even for a computer."

Luke: "It's not impossible. I used to bullseye womprats in my T-16 back home, they're not much bigger than two meters."

*Quotes and testimonials published with permission from their respective sources and appear as we received them.